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H Bui Law Firm

H Bui Law Firm


Product Description

H Bui Law Firm was established to serve its clients with quality and fervor. We are a full-service law firm committed to representing clients in a wide range of legal matters from Civil to Immigration with a strong background in Family Law. What sets our firm apart from other law firms is that our zealous representation of our clients is results-oriented, quality driven, and yet compassionate.

Whether you are going through a highly contested divorce, an uncontested divorce, or a tough child custody battle, or simply wish to modify your child support contribution or visitation schedule, our dedicated and compassionate family law attorney and staff are ready to vigorously represent you and vindicate your rights. Do not let the cost of legal representation cost you your rights!

We offer services in the following areas: Alimony, Appeals, Child Custody, Child Support, Child Visitation, Cohabitation, Contempt, Domestic Violence, Legal Separation, Mediation, Modifications, Paternity, Property Settlement, Restraining Orders, Specializing Family Law, Spousal Support, Post-Nup, Pre-Nup and Wage Assignments.


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