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Product Description

The most natural, bespoke hair system to enhance your own hair.

We are the UK’s leading female hair loss specialists and have devised a bespoke hair solution that is suitable for all types of thinning hair and hair loss. Whether you have thin hair or partial or complete hair loss and whatever the cause, we pride ourselves on having the experience and understanding to be able to help restore your confidence, enhance your beauty and help you be who you want to be.
Even if you aren’t experiencing hair loss, the Enhancer System can be used to add length and volume to your own hair for you to achieve the look and style you really desire.

Our Enhancer System is natural, non-surgical, easy to care for and loved by thousands of women.

We understand how distressing it can be to lose your hair or not have the natural look you want. From years of working closely with our clients, we know how much that can have a dramatic effect on your life and the way you feel about yourself.

Why is the Hair Solved Enhancer System loved by so many women?

• Our Clients tell us it feels just like their own hair and that is just how they think of it.
• It is designed to mimic the way your own hair would move and fall, so it looks completely natural too.
• You can choose your length, colour and type of hair to create exactly the look you want.
• It’s light, durable, non-surgical, long-lasting and secure, enabling you to get back to doing all the things you used to, without worrying about your hair – shower in it, swim in it and forget you have it on.

The Enhancer System is as unique as you are.

A light, flexible mesh applied directly on your scalp and 100% real hair extensions, create the look and feel of natural hair. Our innovative Enhancer System can add volume to thinning or patchy hair or provide the perfect solution for total hair loss.

How Hair Solved London support our transgender and non-binary customers

We’re always here to help our transgender and non-binary customers, regardless of where you are in your transition. We offer practical support, including:
• Online or ‘in-salon’ consultations to find out more about your hair and what you want from the Enhancer System from volume and length to alleviating the appearance of hair loss. Our consultations are free of charge.
• Appointments with our technicians and stylists can be in our busy and lively main Salon space or in a beautiful private booth depending on how you feel at the time of your appointment.
• A £100 voucher when you have your first system.

Our team want to reassure you that…

• You are welcome at Hair Solved, and all of our staff have been trained to respect your pronouns and identity, regardless of where you’re at in your transition.
• It is our policy that all customers can use the bathroom facilities, regardless of their gender presentation.
• Because we understand you might initially feel uncomfortable in the main Salon space, we have beautiful and comfortable private booths where you can have your system fitted and styled.

Client testimonials…

One of wonderful clients, MacKenzie, wanted to share her thoughts on what makes the Enhancer System so unique and the perfect solution to her hair loss and what makes Hair Solved so very special. We are so grateful to her for sharing her thoughts.

“I’ve been a client of Hair Solved for almost a year now. I began to research hair integration solutions because my hair had started to disappear and turn grey and white and I was like ‘nope’ that needs to be fixed. Through my research I came across Hair Solved; no questions were asked when I went for my appointment simply, we can do anything you want.

It was very welcoming and they were very open to my questions… it’s really nice. If it hadn’t be welcoming, I wouldn’t have invested in the system. There were good vibes all around, good first impressions, lovely people, lovely tone, very knowledgeable. I thought yes this is for me and the system; it has been ‘easy peasy’. I am a bit lazy and I don’t like hair styling but with the system I can do what I want I don’t have to think. It makes my life easy; it is pretty, and it is easy.

I really like the fact that it isn’t a wig. I don’t need to take it off, put it on, take it off… or worry will it fall off. My system has survived many yoga classes. I got the hair system done one week after my breast augmentation and the ladies at my yoga class where like “wow now you have boobs and hair – well done you!”

Not only is the system great but there is a lovely atmosphere in the Salon. It is a nice chatty environment and I like it. No matter where I go whether it is my hair, or I am getting my nails done if there is nice chit chat it is like having a little time out. It doesn’t feel medical and it is more like a pamper session.

The Enhancer System makes me feel more like me, more like I used to be; because when I was younger, I used to have long hair, the same length that I have now. But then life hits and your hair falls out, it gets thinner, it’s normal. But if I look in a mirror now it looks more like me. The only thing better than my hair was when I had my gender surgery three months ago, that was the only thing that ‘topped’ my hair. Because I have gone through the whole thing and seeing myself in a full-length mirror for the first time, being able to wear leggings without having to worry about anything… that was the only thing that topped having nice hair.

Hair is a very important thing and thanks to Hair Solved I have great hair.” MacKenzie, Hair Solved London

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