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Heartspace by Regina

Heartspace by Regina


Product Description

Life can be challenging. Heartbreaking at times.
And occasionally, it can bring us to our knees.

Or alternately, picture a life that is joyful, playful,
and where you feel grounded, loved, and fulfilled.

As humans, we commonly defer noticing the challenges we are facing in our everyday lives. Instead of dealing with the discomforts as they arise, we push them away, often resorting to superficial coping mechanisms (i.e. constant distraction through activities, socialising, or social media binges, we indulge in addictions, shopping sprees, sexual conquests, etc.). These traits turn into long-term habituations which we continue up to the point where our pain eventually becomes too loud for us to ignore, or simply too much to bear.

As a consequence, we are presented with a unique opportunity:  an intersection in life; a moment in time when we declare ‘enough is enough’. This is when we begin to acknowledge our struggles and pain and become open and willing to commit and ready to create positive, lasting change.

Are you facing challenges as part of a relationship and constantly reliving and recycling a set of negative patterns? Or are you on your own and dealing either feeling overwhelmed, angry, anxious, with loneliness or depression and unable to shift out of these emotions?
The good news is: There is a guaranteed way out of your unhappiness. Your first step is toward a better future is to commit to yourself and your growth.

Regina offers both online and face-to-face coaching sessions for people who sincerely wish to step up and step away from old, painful patterns and are looking to explore new ways of being.

In her coaching sessions, Regina combines a blend of teachings and philosophies, ranging from conventional psychology, latest scientific discoveries to spiritual knowledge. She also shares a wide range of easy-to-apply practical tools. Regina intuitively guides you on your holistic process toward your personal transformation.

Her sessions are based on your individual needs and you can expect to gain a deeper understanding of how your brain and mind work (for and against you) and how both societal and cultural conditioning, as well as your limiting belief systems impact your current reality. Amongst many other things, Regina will uncover with you your negative habituations and teach you how to successfully transcend these unconscious, hindering patterns.

Regina is intuitive and approachable. She guides you on your inner journey with heartfelt care and compassion, accompanied by a good dose of humour.

This service is available to anyone with a willingness and commitment to grow and expand and is available to individuals and couples.


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