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Pampering oneself by adorning the hands and feet with henna designs is a timeless tradition of beautification in many cultures around the world. Throughout the ages henna has also been used for rituals, celebrations, holidays, and rites-of-passage. Traditionally, henna is meant to bring protection and provide good luck, and is therefore used extensively in ceremonies that mark a significant stage in a person’s life journey. It is believed that when people transition through these life stages they are more susceptible to evil spirits and in greater need of the protective powers of henna.

Henna today is taking on a modern spin. For thousands of years, henna has been pretty much exclusively used by women, however, men all over the world are now joining in on this ancient art. Henna can also been seen on many more parts of the body other than hands and feet. Everyone from pregnant women, to people who have lost their hair are trying out the unique properties of henna stain on their exposed skin. Many people nowadays are finding their own reasons for using henna on their body. They may want to mark a special occasion, cover a scar, add joy to their day, or honour a particular event. The list is endless.

Henna is an art form that is practiced by a diversity of people, from different parts of the world, for a variety of purposes. Henna is a celebratory custom that is pleasurable, and fun and is meant to provide blessings to the person adorning it. It is an experience that anyone, no matter their race, religion, or gender may participate in.

Quin has being doing henna since 2006. Using her own natural home-made henna paste that is safe for use on skin, she prides herself on providing the best experience for her clients. Her philosophy is that henna connects people from all backgrounds and that the magical quality of henna body art is meant to be shared with all those who want to try this magnificent art form.

Go to to book directly on-line for private appointments as well as to get in touch for private Parties and Events in your home or at your event location.

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To reassure you:

When hiring Henna Planet for a party, event, or private appointment Quin will always respect your pronouns and identity, regardless of where you are at in your transition. Transgender and non-binary people are always welcome by Henna Planet.

All private appointments take place Manzer Hair Studio, which is also a Transfriendly business. All of their staff have been trained to respect your pronouns and identity as well.


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