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Hydra Movement

Hydra Movement


Product Description

The body contributes far more to our lives than just physical attributes – it plays a major role in emotions, learning and relationships. The body is intimately involved in all our thought processes, understanding, emotions and decision making. The mind and body are inseparable – the body is your brain! Consequently, all learning, no matter how abstract, is physical.

We are passionate about and coach movement.

If you train, then train movement, not muscles. Movement is ancient. Movement was here first. Hunting and gathering, dancing round the fire, walking, climbing, running, jumping, crawling, lifting, swimming, fighting…even sex! These are all movements the human body is designed for.

It is our job to give you the movement material. Once you’ve found what you enjoy doing, turn it into your passion and your obsession. Become strong and become useful with your coaching as you begin to understand that exercise is optional but movement is essential.

The main modalities that we train with are:

1. Olympic weightlifting for building power and strength in the body.
2. Handstands for building good thoracic strength and mobility.
3. Gymnastics rings training to understand how to build the strength through our upper bodies.
4. Conditioning classes to get your metabolic conditioning and fitness up.
5. Ashtanga Yoga to help centre yourself.

How we’re supporting our transgender and non-binary customers

We’re always here to help our transgender and non-binary customers, regardless of where you are in your transition. There’s a wide range of practical support on offer at Hydra Movement, including:

Appointments with our coaches to help you put together your first program or training goals – with appointments available during business hours and out of business hours.

To reassure you:

Transgender and non-binary people are always welcome at Hydra Movement, and all of our staff have been trained to respect your pronouns and identity, regardless of where you’re at in your transition.

We have 1 bathroom currently and it is unisex. This will change to 2 toilets and showers in the near future and will remain gender neutral.


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