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Joyful Transitions PDX

Joyful Transitions PDX


Product Description

Joyful Transitions started as myself (Rhian, They/Them) spending extra money from my savings on binders from GC2B for those who needed them, with a priority for people of color and those experiencing homelessness and poverty. And that is pretty much still where we are. During COVID quarantine, I went back to school full-time to finish my Bachelor of Arts at PSU in Gender, Sexuality, and Queer studies, and wanted to get out of customer service and work for a nonprofit.
However, there wasn’t anyone that I can find exclusively providing these services yet to those who need them in the Portland metro area. Transitional materials like binders, packers, tucking underwear, etc. can be life-saving, and those who are gender questioning should not be afraid to reach out and try new expressions and be validated as well.

We give out free chest binders, packers, stand to pee devices, tucking underwear, and educational materials for parents of trans and nonbinary children. These are all available monthly, and give priority to people of color and those experiencing homelessness or poverty.

We support our Trans and nonbinary community by reaching out to them when they need us most. We pride ourselves on kind and compassionate communication, and we try to focus on every client individually, and figure out if they have any other needs such as housing stability, other clothing, or food security.

For this we love our Partners! They are vital resources for us to refer our clients to.

At Joyful Transitions, we understand and internalize in our core mission that the fight for queer liberation is still ongoing, and is entwined with institutional racism. We strive to attend as many local community events, vigils, mutual aid events, and queer events to stay vigilant in our community.

Afraid of asking your doctor for hormones? Need help finding a therapist?

Don’t know how to word your coming out to parents or other family?

We can also help you with advocacy!

Let us be your advocates, and get you the medical or social gender transition you need.


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