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Katdemon Ink tattoo and piercing Cardiff

Katdemon Ink tattoo and piercing Cardiff


Product Description

We are Cardiff’s first professional high end piercing studio using the best piercing jewellery from brands such as Anatometal, Industrial Strength, Neometal, BVLA, Auris, Junipurr and Leroi Fine jewelry.

Daryn is a Welsh born full time body piercer specialising in gold and high end luxury piercing brands and is the only UKAPP  and APP Member in Wales.

We offer the cleanest piercing setting, with sterilisation through an autoclave that is tested daily and staff that have Bloodborne Pathogen training.
We only use safe jewellery made from ASTM F-136 Implant Grade Titanium, Gold, Niobium and Glass.

Getting a piercing can be a big deal, but using a disposable aseptic non-touch technique and single use disposable equipment for every client, even a single use sterile pen! our equipment has been approved by Cardiff Council, so you can be reassured that our area of work is extremely hygienic for your safety.

Completing the hygiene aspect of our work, we keep all piercing equipment separate and only set up when you’re ready, discarding of all wrapping and equipment when finished. We invite you to watch the set up and break down to be sure every item is sterile and all single use equipment is thrown away after each customer to further decrease the chance of anyone catching unwanted infections.

Dedicated piercing room
Items will be freshly prepared while you wait and will be carried out in our specialist and dedicated state of the art piercing room where all surfaces and flooring are non porous and easily disinfected.

The piercing room is completely enclosed with clear separation between clean and contaminated spaces.


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