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We give new life to fashion pieces and the best part is all the proceeds go to our charitable cause BBAS NEGRIL.

Pre-loved & sustainable, We’re recycling pre-loved and brand new fashion.

Label Store was set up as a ‘fundraiser’ for our charitable cause BBAS NEGRIL
Label Store is about raising money to help sick, neglected, and abused animals in Negril Jamaica.  We aim to do this in two stages. 1. the purchase of a small piece of land followed by 2. the build of an animal care centre to support animals as well as being able to work in partnership with other animal charities by the sharing of resources.

Label Store is now the official place to purchase Influencer and model Aaliyah Ceilia’s clothing as seen on her social media plus much more.  We hope other animal-loving influencers will jump on board with our cause to bring the dream into reality.  We already have two transgender clients and we are ready to welcome more!


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