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Lazy Oaf Ltd

Lazy Oaf Ltd


Product Description

Hello! Welcome to Lazy Oaf

Lazy Oaf is an independent, London-based streetwear and lifestyle brand centered around creativity and doing no harm. We offer clothing, accessories and homeware for everyone and sometimes their pets.


In 2001, Lazy Oaf was birthed into the world by illustrator and designer Gemma Sheil, in the form of graphic T-shirts, hand-printed in a North London garage that Gemma then sold at a market stall in Spitalfields alongside some old pornos because you know, sex sells?


Fast forward 20 years and we’ve survived floods, fires, and a global pandemic, we now have two stores in London and over a million strong community around the globe.

To this day, Lazy Oaf is proud to still be going it alone, Gemma is still at the helm and we continue to laugh through the bullshit and create collections and collaborations for everyone who resonates with us while doing no harm.


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