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Live Free Bodywork

Live Free Bodywork


Product Description

With Live Free Bodywork my goal has been to provide a safe space for trauma recovery through Somatic informed Bodywork.

I specialize in Craniosacral therapy which works with the body instead of against it and allows clients to stay fully clothed if they choose.  This very gentle, non invasive bodywork allows us to “listen” closely to your body so we can go at its pace and only work on the areas that are ready to release. I put my expectations and agenda aside and we follow what your body needs in that moment. By following your bodies cues tension is released at its core, often allowing stored trauma in the body to also let go. Clients find this work affirming and supportive as they go through major life changes, deal with ongoing stress and oppression or process old traumas.

I am a queer, cis woman who is passionate about the intersection of social justice and trauma recovery. I have experience with trans people both professionally and socially and am well versed in trans political issues, HRT and transitioning. My goal is to provide a well informed safe space. Your transness can be as much or as little of your sessions as you desire. I am here to meet you where you are at.


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