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LucyPole Pole & Pilates

LucyPole Pole & Pilates


Product Description

We’re a small, family style dance studio, and we focus on Pole (we also teach Twerk, Pilates and Burlesque/Sassy).  We work with lots of clients who suffer with depression, anxiety and self harm and we welcome and encourage the most diverse and inclusive student body that we can (despite our very rural, middle class, conservative location!).

For generations, dance has been the remit of the white, cis, privileged female, despite the roots of dance being so widespread and culturally diverse.  We try to bring that diversity into our classes, using a wide range of music, and being taught ourselves (as teachers) by a diverse range of dancers.

The pole industry has worked really hard to be inclusive, and I hope that our little studio can be included in that umbrella of work.

We just want people to dance, move, and find joy in their beautiful bodies.  So many of us have a distorted relationship with our bodies, and yet these amazing things allow us to live, to breathe …. and to dance!!!  We just want you to see how beautiful WE think you are, every day.


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