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Luna Tattoo Glasgow

Luna Tattoo Glasgow


Product Description

Luna Tattoo is owned by myself Lauren I have been tattooing for 7 years. The studio was originally called True Colour but I bought over the space in September 2020. Since then I have slowly transformed it into a professional but relaxing space and hope to create a safe space for our clients.

In our team there is also Stellar Aesthetics (Haley) who currently offers micro blading for eyebrows and will soon be expanding into various cosmetic tattooing including Areola. Then we have Laura our apprentice who keeps on top of messages and cleaning and provides teas and coffees as well as good chat for clients.

As a tattoo artist I believe it is much more than art. It is a permanent mark on your body often for intimate reasons and for that reason I feel it should be treated with every respect. I am aware that clients come for different reasons be it for body confidence, reclaiming their body, to mark a loss or any other significant event in their life. It can be part of healing for many which is why I care about all aspects of the experience at Luna.

Every client has had a different life experience which is why we approach each customer differently and try our best to accommodate them and their individual needs.

We aim to have an all exclusive space to welcome anyone who may walk through. We are wheelchair accessible with the toilet being on the same level. If your gender identity does not match the gender or sex stated on your ID please do not worry neither your gender identity nor your sex are pertinent elements in determine your age and will not be under scrutiny when proof of age is requested. Our consent forms have an optional pronouns section so that if you wish you can let us know so we make sure to address you correctly. We have privacy screens available if this is something you would like and also the option to switch to a private room if you would prefer. I myself (Lauren) have experience working with scar tissue so I can help cover scarring with tattooing if this is something you are looking for.

We are also vegan friendly and are working towards becoming as eco friendly as possible. We use plant based coverings, ink caps and razors. We switched out plastic cups for paper cups. We have also switched out petroleum jelly for an organic tattoo balm which comes in recyclable tins.

We are hoping to soon offer other holistic treatments like reiki and massage in the future as well.

Luna is still a new business but we hope to continue growing and learning to make it as safe and comfortable as possible for all our clients. We can’t wait to welcome you all.


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