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Marci Winters Astrology

Marci Winters Astrology


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The language of astrology is made up of specific symbols that align themselves with multiple planetary energies. Your “Astrological Chart” is the blueprint of your life; like your fingerprint or your DNA, it is uniquely your own. The relationships that planets have with each other creates distinct alignments called Transits and Aspects. These alignments correspond with your Karmic patterns and can give you a keen insight into all aspects of your life. By interpreting these patterns and their planetary effects on your Birth Chart, one can achieve a greater self-awareness.

All Inquiries Welcome- Relationship/Career/Astrocartography (location Astrology)

Numerology/Intuitive Counseling

Certified in Hatha Yoga, Chi Quong, Meditation and Mediation

Internationally Published Author, PBS Filmmaker


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