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Matt Smith Personal and Professional Coaching

Matt Smith Personal and Professional Coaching


Product Description

I am a Personal and Professional Leadership Coach, providing a focus on how people lead their lives, whether that is their personal life, their professional life, or both.

My coaching practice is based on my own Connected Living approach, which focuses in three main areas; connecting with ourselves, connecting with others, then commitment to action and change. Each area concentrates on individual elements that support you to firstly understand and accept yourself, strategies for connecting with others that will enhance your life, and then approaches to make the appropriate changes to how you lead you life, that will be long lasting.

Check your wellbeing
Explore how you view the world and why
View your world from another point of view
Understand why you react to events the way you do
Practice reacting differently
Understand why you behave the way you do
Understand your preference for decision making
Discover why you are attracted to certain people
Explore whether you are connecting to the right people
Discover why you need to connect with others
Appreciate that others are as complex to you
Commitment to action

All coaching sessions are online, using video messenger.


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