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Metro Lighting

Metro Lighting


Product Description

Metro Lighting merges traditional crafts with modern technologies to create personalized lighting solutions.
Metro Lighting was founded on our core value of using lighting fixture design as a mode of self-expression, with a deep appreciation for the arts. With our extensive experience in the lighting industry, and our team of local artisans, we work with our customers to design beautiful and timeless solutions to enhance every space. We do all of this as sustainably as possible, moving towards zero waste.

Our Values

Our customers share our values for sustainability, social responsibility, community, craft, and authentic materials. We embody these values and actively use them to guide our business practices.

Metro Lighting was built on environmental consciousness. Owners Lawrence and Christa had been trained in architecture and used those skills to renovate a dilapidated warehouse for the company’s use, putting green principles into action. Our showroom is 100% solar powered and uses four skylights for natural ventilation. Many of our products contain recycled, repurposed, or salvaged materials. We are proud recipients of multiple environmental awards, including the the Climate Leader Award by CoolCalifornia and the Acterra Businesses Environmental Award.

Social Responsibility
We value our employees so we provide living wages plus excellent benefits like 100% health coverage and paid sick leave, holidays and vacation. We give back to the community by hosting events, donating to school fundraisers, and volunteering on leadership committees.

Celebrating Diversity and Individuality
We value all individuals in our diverse community, and proudly display a sign with the following message: We respect women. We value black lives. We stand with our LGBT+ community members. We stand with immigrants, refugees, and people of all faiths. We accept all individuals from different walks of life. Hate has no business here.

We see our design studio as a conduit between local artisans and our creative community. Your purchase supports and encourages our skilled team of metal workers and glassblowers to share their craft, creativity, and passion with the Bay Area and beyond.


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