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Anna Hayward, Not Like the Others Counselling and Training

Anna Hayward, Not Like the Others Counselling and Training


Product Description

Are you struggling to understand your gender identity? Or you understand it, but you’re not really feeling acceptance from those around you? Are you transitioning and would like a little help along the way? Talking to me can help. I am a qualified counsellor with nearly 20 years’ experience as a trans and nonbinary ally. I have helped to run trans support groups in Cambridge, have informally supported many trans people during their transition and helped set up online groups for gender variant people and their loved ones. Although I am cisgender myself, my family has many trans and non-binary members. I can offer you a safe, non-judgemental, affirming space to talk about your identity, your worries and your plans.

In addition to serving the trans/NB community, I also offer specialist counselling for autistic and ADHD individuals.

I am an Accredited Registrant member of the National Counselling Society.


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