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Poison apple tattoo parlour

Poison apple tattoo parlour


Product Description

Poison Apple tattoo and beauty studio is a female empowered safe and inclusive studio. Monica created Poison Apple to have a different vibe from a typical tattoo studio; she wanted to create a comfortable, welcoming and relaxing space that feels more accessible for everyone. We know that having a tattoo can be a daunting experience for some and we pride ourselves on making the experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, we have private rooms for intimate tattoos and for people with disability issues we have a ramp and ground floor bathrooms (please inform your artist so we can reserve this space for you).

Poison Apple is a beautiful 3 story Victorian building, inside you will find beautifully decorated rooms all with their own personality curated with plants, antiques and interesting artwork collected over may years. We are situated on a busy street in the city centre a 5-minute walk from the bus and train stations with Broad street carpark just across the road.We are currently an all-female staff of 5 tattoo artists, one apprentice and a piercer!

Monica enjoys any and all colour work ranging from realism colour portraits which she won an award for in 2015 to cute cartoons like Disney and Pokémon! Monica is also a cosmetic tattoo artist offering microblading and semi permanent make up (eyeliner, lip blush, eyebrows) she has been tattooing for 10 years and is usually found drinking coffee in the studio [email protected][email protected]

Fran loves to tattoo delicate, intricate pattern work and black work which she won an award for in 2016 she also enjoys creating unique colourful illustrative characters. Fran is currently looking to expand her portfolio and is pushing towards more realism in both black and grey and colour. You can usually hear Fran before you see her, she is often found lunging around the [email protected]

Laura enjoys tattooing anything nature themed with a particular love for animals in any style but her customers particularly enjoy Laura’s soft and delicate watercolour style tattoos. Laura is enjoying pushing her work to a more realistic style including animal portraits which she is particularly keen on. Laura is also one of our two resident colourful vegans and is very keen on having her set up be as eco conscious as possible. @[email protected]


Meg is our resident black and grey artist, though she has recently enjoyed branching out into colour with the studio’s colourful influence. She enjoys more detail oriented pieces, skulls, realism/stylised realism, gaming themed tattoos and Japanese work. Meg is our second resident vegan and is very conscious about having a cruelty free set up. Meg has been tattooing for around 7 years, but has been in a studio environment across many years before this in admin and piercing roles. In her free time she does pet portrait commission work and general illustration work, and will mostly be found swearing at large scale biro drawings and scaring herself with horror [email protected]

Holly recently joined us and is keen to get started filling her portfolio! Holly enjoys colour work especially neotrad/new school especially anything a bit witchy, spooky or occult! Holly is keen to push for some larger scale work and bigger projects are welcomed. Holly is our resident white witch and always has a smile on her face. @[email protected]

Laura (puddles) has been with us for 3 years now and has been working hard learning, pushing herself and making tea. She enjoys doing her dot work designs but also has an interest in Japanese tattooing, folklore, East Asian inspired design and illustrative work. She is now tattooing a few times a week and taking on simple work to hone her skills with a view to take on larger and more complex work [email protected]

Spring is our enthusiastic piercer she is always happy to help and give useful advice on piercing care. Spring is a creative piercer and is very keen on pushing for better quality jewellery for peoples bodies not only do they look better but they heal better and last longer. Spring has a lovely cabinet in the studio filled with shiny, beautiful and interesting body jewellery that can be used in many ways and she is happy to chat and work with her clients budget an tastes to create something really [email protected]


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