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Praestantia Aesthetics

Praestantia Aesthetics


Product Description

The distress and anxiety caused by unwanted and superfluous hair or skin blemishes is often underestimated. Unwanted facial hair is a concern for people from all walks of life and all genders.

Praestantia Aesthetics is a salon that welcomes everyone without prejudice; clients will always be treated with discretion and kindness. The owner, Julie, is a mature woman with 30 years experience in the beauty industry who will meet you with warmth and compassion.

Both laser and electrolysis are very effective for removing superfluous hair. Although they have their uses but electrolysis is the only proven permanent method of hair removal that is effective for all skin types, hair types, skin colours, hair colours, and areas of the body.

Electrolysis has been proven as a safe, reliable method of treating all skin and hair types and remains the only method that is approved by the British Medical Association.

Advanced electrolysis (also known as Advanced Cosmetic Procedures) is a very effective and proven method of removing a variety of skin blemishes including skin tags, thread veins, milia, age spots and many more.





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