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Priest of Inanna, LLC

Priest of Inanna, LLC


Product Description

Hello! I’m Julian Crosson-Hill, a certified spiritual life coach, teacher, & human design specialist. Each one of us comes to this life with a soul mission. We’re being called every day by Spirit to be an instrument of love and a powerful catalyst for change in the world. Many will never answer that call because they’ve become mired in judgement, fear, or have forgotten their innate ability to create the reality they desire. Answering that call also requires that we show up authentically and true to who we are at our core.

Using human design, storytelling, ritual, art, and movement I empower my clients to fully embrace their authentic core being, heal the wounds that hold them in a low vibration states like fear, judgement, or envy, and embrace love. My clients learn to discover:

  • The nature of their unique calling and how they can use their unique gifts to serve
  • How to let go of fear, judgement and envy
  • How to embody love, joy, and gratitude
  • How to manifest their desires and live abundantly
  • How to become an instrument of love and a powerful catalyst for change in the world
  • Their natural leadership skills

Answering your unique calling is a journey and a process but it’s one that you don’t have to take alone.

I also work with spiritual entrepreneurs struggling with running and growing their business without overworking, burn-out, stress, worry, or overwhelm.

Schedule a fear clarity call and let’s talk about where you are, where you want to be and what’s standing in your way.

LGBTQ+ owned business


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