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Raychell’s Raw Talk

Raychell’s Raw Talk


Product Description

Anything that you feel like you need to talk about or get off your chest, i am here to help. This is not the normal therapy sessions as i am very upfront.

*****This will be a session over the phone****

About Raychell’s Raw Talk

We offer a one of a kind therapy session. Very upfront and honest. Your topic do not matter. If you are need of help directions, guidance, relationship advised we give it all. We have several platforms that we use and get calls from all over the world. Everyone need someone to talk to, its always someone that needs to get something off there chest. Trust me we make sure we get to the bottom of your issue the same day, we don’t send you away like a normal therapist do and tell you lets finished this on the next visit. We get it resolved then. So why wait?


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