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Rockville Personal Training LLC

Rockville Personal Training LLC


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What We Do Here

January 04, 2018





About Our Facility

We have a spacious fitness studio to accommodate our client’s varied fitness needs.

We work with all kinds of clients. Fitness is a science of human movement and we can break it all down to foundational movements to improve walking, running, playing sports, or just staying healthy.

All of our programs include a total body analysis, meal planning and accountability chart.



Wide Variety of Equipment

Each person has a unique set of goals for their fitness, and we build the program that is right for you. We have more than just barbells and weight machines. Our equipment recognizes that the body moves in different ways for the many way in which you move. We also accommodate our workout programs for any chronic injuries or discomfort. Our goal is to help you maintain a fitness program that keeps your body in balance, feeling good and energized!



Using The Latest Technology to Design Our Programs

We use a full body analyzer to tell us the whole story of your current body composition. We’ll know how much percent of your body is fat, muscle, water and the machine will break down where this is all found in the body. Check out the data collected in the photo on the left. We use the analyzer to continue to track your progress and re-evaluate if your current program should stay the same or take a different course. We also work with medical professionals to monitor other areas of your health and modify your fitness plan accordingly.




We Aim to Educate

Social media is our platform to teach you about exercise and fitness related news.

Stay connected via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or my personal blog

Contact us directly by calling or texting 240-630-0298




About Our Staff

Justin Walls, CPT: Justin has been a trainer for nearly a decade. He began in 2008 with a certification in personal training from the American College of Sports Medicine, and has consistently added to his education. His education now includes myofascial release, medical exercise, senior fitness assessments, and post-rehab when you finish your physical therapy. Justin doesn’t just tell you to do burpees and bench press to get fit. He has dedicated himself to staying on top of the latest research and trends to keep his clients healthy and motivated, modifying to adjust to chronic issues, and regularly engages in community outreach on fitness. You can email him directy at [email protected]


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