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Tattooist Sasha

Tattooist Sasha


Product Description

My name’s Sasha, I’ve been tattooing 10+ years, I offer a full vegan friendly set up and constantly work towards being as eco friendly as I can within the confines of good hygeine and safety practice- I welcome everyone from all walks of life.

It’s important that anyone who comes to me for a service feels safe and comfortable, no matter where they come from and how they identify, everyone deserves this basic respect and I am pleased to say that the tattoo studio where I currently reside have similar interests and I have great trust in everyone I work with to keep a wholesome environment.


Although I do alot of realism work, I like to explore tattoo styles and sometimes even fusing them together and consider myself to have a varied skillset with experience in most techniques/styles.

I also create traditional art (open for comissions) and enjoy a multitude of media types, to name a few; Oil or acrylic paint, pencil, biro etc.


I tattoo all over the Uk as I attend guest spots and conventions from time to time but I currently reside in Leicestershire, UK.


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