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The Wellbeing Hub

The Wellbeing Hub


Product Description

Lets Make Wellbeing Fun!

At The Wellbeing Hub, we have combined the traditional physical fitness environment and put a modern twist on it, Designed to be inclusive and NOT to intimidate we believe the wellbeing hub is the place to go to safely improve your physical, mental and social wellbeing without the fear of feeling intimidated or discriminated against!

Some of our services included:
Gym Membership
personal training
stroke rehabilitation
Life coaching
And more…

How we’re supporting our transgender and non-binary customers

Everyone deserves a chance to look and feel good!

from the point we put pen to paper we knew the wellbeing hub had to have one true rule..

Everyone is welcome and safe

It’s even written in our code of conduct that anyone heard or seen to be discriminating against ANYONE will have there membership revoked with immediate effect.

We treat each person as an individual be it for physical rehab, personal training, life coaching ANYTHING because your health is as unique as you are and we know we have to treat it as such.

This is not our first time making sure Transgender and non-binary people feel safe and included in an environment we have run, one of the owners had the privilege to develop the UK’s first Transgender and non-binary people policy for segregated swimming pool changing rooms to ensure there would be no embracing miscommunication between staff and users and everyone as the opportunity to swim.

To reassure you:

All staff at the wellbeing hub are training and handpicked to ensure that everyones rights are not only respected but accepted with warm heart empathy plays a key role at the hub and we need to make sure that everyone of our clients know they are in a safe and welcoming space.


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