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At TwirlyGirl, we don’t just create dresses. We create their favorite dresses.
You know, the kind that never see the inside of a closet.
Every decision we make is with this one goal in mind.
The end result is something magical. You’ll see it in their face.

TwirlyGirl is a state of mind and not gender specific. We are all about creating happy childhood memories.

How we’re supporting our transgender and non-binary customers

We’re always here to help our transgender and non-binary customers. We offer a wide range of sizes from size 2T (toddler) to size 16. Growing rates vary from child to child, that’s why we make sure to provide size charts for every style/product. We know it’s challenging buying online and we do our best to make easy for you. Please call us with any questions: 888-572-7774

Our Size Chart page is very helpful.

SHOP BY SIZE to find everything in the size you need.

TwirlyGirl is an inclusive community and made in Los Angeles, CA. Click HERE to learn more about us and our company.


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