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valkyrie health and fitness

valkyrie health and fitness


Product Description

I have been in the health and fitness industry for a little over seven years and currently have a partnership with a local gym to train my clients. I believe that it is very important to assume a higher level of responsibility for all of my clients by ensuring that all of my clients receive safe yet effective exercise programs in addition to providing the appropriate care and required supervision needed to help them achieve their individual fitness goals. Liability rests on fitness professionals, as they are directly responsible for the safety, health, and well-being of their clients.

Due to a Lack of National Standards and Scopes and Ethical Practice for Fitness Professionals in the industry there have been a great deal of fraudulent, misleading, and unqualified programs that compromise the integrity of the fitness industry that have created problems for qualified professionals like myself. Knowing this information I make it my personal guarantee to all of my clients that program I design is based of the current science. I have personally tried and experimented with all of the exercise movements what will be in the programs designed for each client. I guarantee that I will not try and sell you any product you don’t need during your fitness journey, and I will give you accurate and truthful information about products you might have questions about.

I have a very open mind and nothing to hide so when I work with my clients I want them to feel like they can ask me anything and gain something from my years of life experience in multiple topics since I have a background in Psychology, Fitness and Nutrition. Health and Wellness is not a one size fits all system that can simply be handed out since we are all different and have different needs.


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