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Vixen DeVille Burlesque and Body Confidence

Vixen DeVille Burlesque and Body Confidence


Product Description

Vixen DeVille’s Burlesque, Body Confidence and Self‐Image discovery

Designed for bodies of all ages, shapes, and sizes spend 90 minutes soaking up some positive vibes, reconnecting with your body, and embracing a more confident you. Come play, explore, and celebrate. Be who you want to be, be who you are, and learn to share the gift that is you with the world.

This is not just a dance class but a full exploration of joyous self-expression – an interactive 90min workshop with international award-winning burlesque performer Vixen DeVille.

Vixen provides a safe, accepting, non-judgemental space for you to rediscover and take ownership of your authentic FABULOUS self.

This Introductory session will cover:

Basic Burlesque Moves
Confidence in ‘Being Seen’
Vixen DeVille’s “Core Concepts” of Magnetic Charisma
Alter-Ego and Character Exploration.
Presentation & Play: Rapport with your audience
Discover what unique qualities you as an individual naturally bring to the stage/into a room and how to manipulate these to your advantage both as a performer and in everyday life.

* FEEL EXHILARATED about presenting your TRUE SELF…

…the amazing you, the one you didn’t realize existed, or are too scared to let out.

*Shed your skin of past identities and explore who you are NOW.

*Break down your mental barriers of being judged, not being accepted, not feeling good enough.

*Learn to accept, own, and ultimately celebrate what you have, and who you are!


Student Testimonials:

“Thank you for a fun and expanding experience! Your dedication to each individual’s routine being ‘uniquely theirs’ is inspiring and heart warming. You are dedicated, brave and powerful and I totally believe in what you do.”

Sara Rowley – Overwhelm Relief Coach

“It has changed the way I feel about making eye contact with strangers on the street. It’s made me bolder, and sassier as I move through the world”

Senta Burke – Actress

“A totally safe and friendly environment. It wasn’t about stripping or nakedness at all…it was about empowering myself. loving myself. all of me, even the “bits” that i was conditioned to think were faults…I left being able to say “i’m fabulous!”… and for the first time, i meant it! this is a class not to miss!”

Erin Treanor- Theatre Producer.

“As a licensed mental health counselor and yoga instructor, I can confidently say, it’s not only fun-its actually therapy! Highly recommend!”

Chereen Gamal – Mental Health Counselor

For those looking for a longer term class – check out Vixen’s 10 Week Course “Permission To Play”






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