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West Valley Counseling Center

West Valley Counseling Center


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Affirming, inclusive, and trauma-aware

The mission of West Valley Counseling Center is to bring emotional wellness and community resilience to all people through providing evidence based, trauma-informed psychotherapy services. Our approach is tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual and family served, that’s both affordable and delivered in a comfortable, supportive setting.

We recognize that each individual’s journey is different, so our clinicians honor every step along the path for our transgender, gender expansive, and non-binary clients. Our practice aims to create safe environments for all people and that is reflected in our paperwork, policies, and collaborations with clients.

Transgender, gender expansive, and non-binary people are always welcome at West Valley Counseling Center. respects and reflects back your pronouns, experience, and identity.

Should you like to discuss in greater detail or explore one of our LGBTQ+ support groups or workshops, please contact Jennifer at 818-538-5499 (texts welcome) or email [email protected]


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