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What A Good Dog Basic Obedience Training

What A Good Dog Basic Obedience Training


Product Description

Dogs don’t understand our language.  Training is the language that creates a bridge of communication between you and your dog. With training you end up with a loving member of your family who knows the boundaries, understands what you want, and doesn’t just love you but respects you.  A companion for life you can take anywhere.

BECAUSE OF ZOOM I CAN OFFER MY SERVICES ANYWHERE IN AMERICA!  Zoom Training works. I can do full obedience or consult for specific issues ( preparing for a new dog/puppy/foster dog, over-barking, pulling on leash etc).

If you live in Los Angeles I can come to you or for a discounted price you can come to me.

Check out my website, my testimonials on Facebook and all Five Star reviews on Yelp.


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