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Whole Wellness Therapy

Whole Wellness Therapy


Product Description

We can help you reclaim your life and feel whole again.

If you’re tired of addiction, anxiety, and relationship issues running your life…we’re here to help.

We specialize in trauma recovery.

Career stress, toxic relationships, parenting drama, financial anxiety, or trauma from our past can leave invisible emotional scars.
Unfortunately, problems become bigger when we try to escape them with things like overworking, alcohol, drugs, sex, or compulsive shopping. What we want is relief, but what we end up with is a feeling of just existing—burning the candle at both ends, especially in our minds.

Our team of talented and experienced therapists specialize in helping people identify and deal with their trauma so they can reconnect with themselves and feel whole again.

Easy online booking makes it simple to get the support you need and our virtual sessions or convenient office locations enable you to experience the benefits of excellent therapy no matter where you live in the Sacramento area.

If trauma from your past has created complicated issues in your present and you’re ready to enjoy life again…we’d love to help!

We welcome and affirm people of all identities and relationship configurations, starting from the radical notion that you know you best. In other words, we value and respect your knowledge and lived experience instead of assuming it.

If you’re ready to work through unresolved issues that hold you back from living your best life, our LGBTQ+ affirming therapists are here for you.


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