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XO Maggie Boudoir Photography

XO Maggie Boudoir Photography


Product Description

Over the last 13 years in business Maggie has shot more than a thousand sessions.  She’s more comfortable behind a camera than in any kind of social situation.  Although she might be a little awkward she’s an expert at making our clients feel super comfortable. A natural cheerleader and self confidence expert, she’ll  make sure you know exactly how amazing you look, and keep you laughing throughout your session!

We know that the idea of stripping down and stepping in front of a camera feels absolutely TERRIFYING! Even the most confident among us has an insecurity or two when it comes to their body. And honestly the whole thing is a little weird, right?! It is not just you. This experience is out of EVERYONE’S comfort zone.

But we are here to tell you that you are enough—brave enough, beautiful enough, thin, curvy, or athletic enough, sexy enough, and fun enough. You have everything you need to do this! And we are here to help. We will hold your hand through the entire experience. We’ll boost your confidence and ensure that you have an amazing experience that results in the stunning portraits you’ve been dreaming about.


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