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Transgender friendly bra fitters near me

If you’re looking for trans friendly bra fitters or bra fitters for transgender people you’re in the right place. TransFriendly lists thousands of businesses around the world over that welcome and support transgender and non-binary people, including specialists in trans bra fitters.

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Get the facts about bra fitters for transgender people

A bra fitter’s job is to help women find the best bras for their body shape and budget. They spend hours learning the new products, memorising the brands, size ranges, price points, and key differences between styles, and teaching women about bra fit and bra care.

They take great care in helping you find the perfect bra for your breast and body shape, and can be invaluable in helping you feel like your authentic self.

A bra fitting is about getting the best shape of bra for your body shape. Often women think they’ll wear a different size in different shapes, or be left with an uncomfortable bra digging into your skin. A bra fitter can help you get fitted correctly, which sometimes means a different size cup to what you think you should be wearing.

As a transitioning woman, dealing with breast growth is new and can be very uncomfortable at times. Many women have noticed the “conical shaped” breast growth and are unsure as to which bras will be best to accommodate their changing bodies.

Bra fitters are invaluable in helping you find the most comfortable, supportive bra that fits you without affecting the way your breast tissue is growing.

Why choose a trans friendly bra fitter?

Bra fitters signing our pledge have ensured that you can rest easy during your appointment. They will not allow any discrimination, and respect you with as much privacy and discretion as you need during your experience. 

Your body is your own! Our TransFriendly bra fitting specialists will be here to support you every step of the way in your experience.

Our TransFriendly bra fitters will respect your true identity throughout every step of your experience. They are here to support you, and honour your choices.

Each business will be available to help you when you’re ready to change your personal information with them, just use their available contact information to find out more.

All offers and discounts are subject to individual stores. If any businesses are offering them, you’ll find them on the store’s TransFriendly profile!

The TransFriendly pledge is a series of eight commitments that have been made by every business listed on TransFriendly. They guarantee that you’ll be treated with kindness, dignity and respect, and put real requirements on businesses to help and support you as you access their services. All businesses listed on trans friendly can be reviewed by trans and non-binary people, and we take any breaches of the pledge extremely seriously.

Promote your transgender bra fitting services to trans and non-binary people near you

Getting more transgender and non-binary customers can help you to increase both the reputation and income of your bra fitting services.

When you list your business with TransFriendly, you can engage with the transgender community as well as get the resources, support and training you need to give your transgender customers the best possible experience.