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Transgender friendly hair extensions near me

If you're looking for trans friendly hair extensions or hair extensions for transgender people you're in the right place. TransFriendly lists thousands of businesses around the world over that welcome and support transgender and non-binary people, including specialists in trans hair extensions.

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Get the facts about hair extensions for transgender people

The price of hair extensions varies greatly, depending on the quality and type of hair you’ve chosen, and the method of application to your hair. The cheapest options are clip-in and tape-in extensions, however tape-in extensions can cause a lot of damage to your hair if not maintained properly so it’s important to weigh up your options.

Permanent hair extensions such as micro/nano bead and keratin bonds will need regular maintenance to reduce damage to your hair, which will of course incur extra costs, and will all be discussed in your first consulation.

Many of our transgender friendly teams will be available with a price list and can offer a consultation to decide which is the best method for you. It’s important to understand what your hair goals and price limits are so services can be perfectly catered for you.

The length of time hair extensions last varies between methods, and how well you treat your extensions at home. Sew In hair extensions are fairly permanent and would last you anywhere between 6-8 weeks. Micro and nano ring extension duration should last between three and four months, with regular maintenance appointments. They require more maintenance appointments than other hair extension methods, because the rings are so tiny.

Keratin bond extensions are some of the longest lasting, and should last an average of 6-9 months depending on how well you treat them. Maintenance appointments for all extensions is vital to extend the life of your hair, and prevent unnecessary natural hair loss.

Hair extension care varies from type to type, but the general care routine is always quite simple!

You will need to wash them in the shower using cool or lukewarm water, use a sulphate-free, alcohol-free shampoo and conditioner (kept away from your roots to avoid any bonds slipping), or a hair mask to keep your extensions fresher for longer. Purchasing aftercare products like hair oils and leave in conditioners are also great for prolonging the life of your extensions.

Take care drying your hair, and if you can, aim to just dry the roots with a hairdryer on cool setting to take the weight of your extensions off your head.

Why choose a trans friendly hair extension salon?

Hair extension specialists signing our pledge have ensured that you can rest easy during your appointment. They will not allow any discrimination, and respect you with as much privacy and discretion as you need during your visit.

Your hair is your own! Our TransFriendly hair extension specialists will be here to support you every step of the way in your salon experience.

Our TransFriendly artists will respect your true identity throughout every step of your experience. They are here to support you, and honour your choices.

Each business will be available to help you when you’re ready to change your personal information with them, just use their available contact information to find out more.

All offers and discounts are subject to individual stores. If any businesses are offering them, you’ll find them on the store’s TransFriendly profile!

The TransFriendly pledge is a series of eight commitments that have been made by every business listed on TransFriendly. They guarantee that you’ll be treated with kindness, dignity and respect, and put real requirements on businesses to help and support you as you access their services. All businesses listed on trans friendly can be reviewed by trans and non-binary people, and we take any breaches of the pledge extremely seriously.

Promote your transgender hair extension salon to trans and non-binary people near you

Getting more transgender and non-binary customers can help you to increase both the reputation and income of your hair extension salon.

When you list your business with TransFriendly, you can engage with the transgender community as well as get the resources, support and training you need to give your transgender patients the best possible experience.