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Transgender friendly retail near me

If you're looking for trans friendly shops or stores for transgender people you're in the right place. TransFriendly lists thousands of businesses the world over that welcome and support transgender and non-binary people, including trans retail stores.

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Get the facts about retail for transgender people

A department store is a retail establishment offering a wide range of consumer goods in different areas of the store, each area specialising in a product category.

Department stores and chain stores are two different concepts. Department stores have a long history of offering a wide variety of goods for retail sale, while chain stores are retail outlets in various locations under the same brand and management.

Shopping in a local business district means less infrastructure, less maintenance, and more money available to beautify your community. Also, spending locally instead of online ensures that your sales taxes are reinvested where they belong— in your community!

One of the key reasons it’s worth shopping locally is that it reduces your environmental impact. Locally-owned businesses make generally more local purchases, requiring less transportation. They also tend to set up shop in town or city centres, meaning there’s generally less sprawl, congestion and habitat loss.

Shop with reputable retailers. It’s best to shop directly with online retailers you know and trust. Bookmark your favourite shopping sites to get there quickly and safely. Avoid typing the name of the retailer into your browser bar, because a tiny typo could land you on a fake site that looks just like the real one. Make a “purchase” on an illegitimate site and you may unwittingly hand the scammers your credit card number and other personal info.

Beware amazing deals. Remember, if an offer looks too good to be true, then it probably is. The FBI found that many sites at the centre of its recent spate of complaints were advertised on social media platforms.

Compare prices before you buy. Unusually low prices could be a red flag that you’ve landed on a fake site that’s been set up to snag your personal information or steal your money.

Don’t browse on public Wi-Fi, pick strong passwords, check site security before you buy (look for a lock icon in the browser bar of a site to verify that they use SSL encryption. The URL also should start with “https” rather than just “http.”), and don’t fall for email scams!

Over 75% of people are shopping at least once a month online. As the need for convenience becomes more prominent for consumers, it makes sense that over 75% of them are shopping online at least once a month. The largest proportion of people buying online once or twice is found among those aged 55-74 (42 %). The youngest age group (16-24) was the larger age group to shop three to five times (37 %), but tends to shop more online one to two times (38 %).

Why choose trans friendly stores?

Retail stores signing our pledge have ensured that you can rest easy during your visits. They will not allow any discrimination, and respect you with as much privacy and discretion as you need.

Our TransFriendly retail stores will be here to support you every step of the way, and help you decide which services are the best for the results you desire.

Our TransFriendly stores will respect your true identity throughout every step of your visit. They are here to support you, and honour your choices.

Each business will be available to help you when you’re ready to change your personal information with them, just use their available contact information to find out more.

All offers and discounts are subject to individual services. If any businesses are offering them, you’ll find them on the their TransFriendly profile!

The TransFriendly pledge is a series of eight commitments that have been made by every business listed on TransFriendly. They guarantee that you’ll be treated with kindness, dignity and respect, and put real requirements on businesses to help and support you as you access their services. All businesses listed on trans friendly can be reviewed by trans and non-binary people, and we take any breaches of the pledge extremely seriously.

Promote your transgender friendly retail services to trans and non-binary people near you

Getting more transgender and non-binary customers can help you to increase both the reputation and income of your retail stores.

When you list your business with TransFriendly, you can engage with the transgender community as well as get the resources, support and training you need to give your transgender customers the best possible experience.